A woman walks into a barber shop

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The decoration is French style. There are huge artificial mahogany gilded mirrors. A series of scissors and brushes are placed on the antique-style marble countertop vanity.A woman walks into a barber shop

Barbers wear work boots, jeans, and T-shirts under their aprons, which makes them look more like horseshoes for shoes rather than hairdressers for haircuts.

It will take a while for someone to greet me and confirm that someone can cut my hair. Although the barber is very polite, I feel very uncomfortable as the only woman in a typical male-dominated space.

I sit on the huge Barber Chair. A neck strap is fastened around my neck. It feels a bit suffocated.

My hair is cut dry, not washed. The barber occasionally sprays water on my hair when cutting it.

He used scissors and scissors, but did not layer the top of my hair.

Although he did blow dry my hair in the end, it didn't hold the shape.

The result was not fundamentally different from my usual treatment.

For many years, I have been cutting my hair short and joking with friends that I'd better go to the barbershop. On the one hand, it will be cheaper.

I cut 42 dollars for my hairdresser, while my usual hairdresser costs 102 dollars.

What is the difference between a barber and a barber?

Niq James, Executive Chairman of Hair and Barber New Zealand, holds both hairdresser and barber qualifications.

"Barbers are taught to use scissors and scissors to create short, traditional male strong shapes with square lines and outlines," he said.

James said that barbers don’t learn how to cut women’s hairstyles, while barbers are trained to handle long hair, soft styling, and color and perm techniques.

He said that most barbers don't know how to dye or perm their hair.

Will i go back?

Although I saved $60 on my haircut, I missed the extra service I usually get from a barber. Washing your hair and massaging your scalp is a good treat.A woman walks into a barber shop

There is not much conversation either. A barber tried to start talking about the new Matrix movie, but was unsuccessful. Although it takes time to build a rapport with a stylist, I hope the new hairdresser can talk a little more.

But, on the other hand, my colleague Chris said that one of his favorite things about going to the barber shop is the lack of conversation.

Will i go back? If I’m struggling, I just need to sort it out quickly, yes. But I am happy to pay a premium to still enjoy the care I get from my usual stylist.

Why are women tailoring more expensive in beauty salons?

When you walk into a salon or check prices online, you may see different prices for men's and women's tailoring.

We searched the Internet for the prices of 15 salons in Wellington.14 salons adopt gender pricing. Men's tailoring and styles are on average $38 cheaper.

James said that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, some New Zealand salons used unisex pricing. The cost of tailoring is fixed, but any additional costs-such as blowing waves or styling products-will be added to the final price.

"It's like a choice and mixed situation," James said.

But it causes more problems than it solves.

"Customers didn't understand the system, and the fees charged exceeded their expectations. After that, the hairdresser went back to the gender model," James said.

You cannot charge you higher service fees just because of your gender. However, if more skills are needed to perform the service, there are reasons for different pricing.

Lynden Mason, co-founder of Vivo Hair and Beauty, said that Vivo Hair and Beauty will charge customers on time, and will charge customers for the skills of a stylist, not gender.

"We think this means that people get what they pay in terms of expertise and time spent," Mason said.

In Vivo, the average cost of about 30 minutes with a junior stylist is US$45-50. At the same time with a senior stylist, you can get back between US$55 and US$80.

However, most appointments are 45 minutes, Linden said.

In February of this year, Vivo changed the pricing of all its 90 salons from traditional male and female pricing to neutral pricing.

"We may have lost some male customers," because in the old system, "men actually got a pretty good deal," and layoffs were cheaper, Linden said.

Tips for getting the tailoring you want

Hair is our reminder to make sure you won’t get frustrated on your next date:

Book a free consultation with your stylist to discuss the style you want and the price you can afford. If you think your stylist did not complete their work with reasonable care and skill, please go back and let them correct. If you have done something badly messed up, you have reason to ask for a refund.

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