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Are you looking for the default Huawei router password and username? Huawei routers are a popular choice in South Africa. Many Telkom customers, as an example, have Huawei routers and modems. Vodacom Fibre customers also use these routers. If you have a Huawei router or modem in your home or office, a time may come when you need to get the default login details for your device. That’s the information that we provide to South Africans here; Huawei Router South Africa

Default Huawei Router Login Details

The most common Huawei router password in South Africa is admin, while the default username is usually also admin. On some models, you can try user for both the default Huawei router login username and password. In the table below, we provide a list of some of the Huawei router models that are on the market today.

Huawei Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault PasswordE5576 TelkomadminadminB612-233adminadminB3000adminadminB310As-852adminadminB310s-927useruserB316adminadminB525s-23aadminadminB535-932adminadminB593adminadminB593s-22adminadminB593s-601adminadminB593v2adminadminB612s-25dadminadminB660adminadminB681adminadminB683adminadminB683 MTNadminadminB683 MTNblankadminB683VadminadminB68AadminadminB68LblankadminB880-75adminadminB882-66adminadminB890-66adminadminB890-66blankadminB890-75adminadminBM625adminadminBM625useruserBM632adminadminBM632useruserBM635adminadminD100adminblankD105adminadminDN8245Wadminprinted on routerDR814adminadminE355adminadminE5172adminadminE51728s-925adminadminE5172s-920adminadminE5172s-920useruserE5180As-22adminadminE5180s-22adminadminE5186s-22aadminadminE5186s-61aadminadminE5186s-61aprinted on labelprinted on labelE5186s-aadminadminE5220adminadminE5330adminadminE5331blankadminE5336adminadminE5377sadminadminE5573adminadminE5573printed on labelprinted on labelE5573Cs-609adminadminE5576-606 TelkomadminadminE5577sadminadminE5770adminadminE5776adminadminE586adminadminE5885LadminadminE8231adminadminE8231s-1adminadminE8372adminadminE960adminblankEG8145V5rootadminF2000adminunknownH112-370blankprinted on routerHG232fadminadminHG253sadminsuperonlineHG255sadminsuperonlineHG256sadminadminHG510adminadminHG521cadminadminHG530adminadminHG531adminadminHG531 V1adminadminHG532aadminadminHG532badminadminHG532euseruserHG552eadminadminHG553adminadminHG622adminadminHG630userHuaweiUserHG630badminadminHG633adminadminHG635adminadminHG655adminadminHG658adminadminHG658buserhuaweiUserHG658dprinted on routerprinted on routerHG659adminadminHG8045ArootadminHG8045QuseruserHG8145Vadmin1234HG8245Q2rootadminHG8245TrootadminHG850aadminadminHG8546Madminadminn5368xadminadminWA1003Aadminadmin

Which networks use Huawei routers in South Africa

That’s our default Huawei router password and username list. But which networks in South Africa make use of Huawei routers? This is something to which we have already alluded. Huawei routers are used on most of the major networks in the country.

As an example, a number of Telkom customers have the Huawei E5576 . Vodacom customers also use Huawei routers, as well as MTN customers. So, this is a very popular brand in the country. Hopefully, the information that we provided will enable you to quickly and easily log in.

My router does not appear on the list

We have tried to cover as many of the Huawei router models in use in South Africa in the above table. But what do you do if the router that you have does not feature here? Remember that Huawei manufactures a wide range of routers and modems.

It’s not possible to cover them all in one article. Or maybe it’s possible, but that would be a rather long post. Anyway, the aim here was to give you guidelines on the default Huawei router password and username. As noted, the most common Huawei router password is admin. So, you should try that first.

Login information is usually on the router label

If you check underneath your Huawei router, there will be a label on there on which will be printed all the information that you need to sign into the device’s dashboard. So, that should be your first port of call if the information here does not work.

Huawei Router Default Password and Username

You can see an example of a Huawei router label in the above screenshot. As you can see, there is a number of useful information on it. There is the login username, the login password. On some routers, there will also be the WiFi username and password.

Reset your router

There are times when you will have to reset your router in order to log in using the defaults given here. That usually happens if your Huawei router password has already been changed and if you have forgotten the new login details.

That happens a lot. Router passwords are seldom used, unlike WiFi password. So, you can easily forget your router password. Should that happen to you, you will need to reset the device to be able to sign in. Once you have done so, you will have to reenter the settings for your network.

As an example, you may need to reenter the Telkom APN settings for your Huawei router. So, that’s something to keep in mind. You shouldn’t reset your router without knowing what you are doing. Otherwise you will lose all your settings. Not too difficult a situation, but it can be a hassle.


That’s our Huawei router default password and username article. We hope that you found what you were looking for here. In essence, default login details for most routers are similar. Once you know how to log into one, you wont have issues with any others. Anyway, if you have questions, leave them below or post them on our SA Broadband forum. We love hearing from you!

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