Asana added a video message because this meeting may be an email

fpfcorp 31/07/2021 1479

Although we all agree that the less video conferences, the easier our work, but it is fair to say that they will not go anywhere, especially when some companies adopt mixed work arrangements. However, the project management platform Asana believes that there is a way to benefit from the face-to-face interaction provided by video conferencing without consuming everyone's patience.

With help from Vimeo, it’s adding an asynchronous video messaging feature. You can use the tool to send your colleagues short clips featuring both your face and Asana dashboard. With each clip, the app will automatically generate an audio transcript of your message, which your co-workers can search and share to help them with their work.

The addition of video messages is part of Asana's plans to roll out a wider update, which includes new clockwise integration and updated desktop applications. From a company perspective, the power of video is that it makes it easier to convey emotional and background information to your colleagues. However, the key is to keep it simple.

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