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So I have to admit that since my first B6 size purchase of the

The comfort of ZenKraft elderly

I have just been enamored with this size of travelers notebooks. B6 fist off is such an amazing size, it’s approximately the 7×5 size but it varies depending on the company. It’s shorter than your average TN but wider. It’s just the perfect size to have in front of you for writing!! I love the width because it allows me to be able to rest my hand comfortably. The size is not intimidating for those folks who don’t feel comfortable with larger spaces. After exploring the B6 and just being so in love with this size I purchased an

A6 size Gillio

. I very quickly became obsessed with this size too!! I think it’s the width that I love so much with these TNs but also the portability. The A6 size is also great for those of you who love making your inserts. To make them you simply fold a letter size piece of paper in half and that is A5 then fold that A5 in half and you have an A6! It’s that easy and I feel like you are not wasting too much paper. With the more awkward sizes that are out there I just feel like this makes it so easy and you don’t have to take out your ruler to make sure that your measurements are correct!

In the process of looking for more unique TNs, I bought them from three different websites. Two of them can be found on etsy, and one has its own website. First, I went to a company called Speckled Fawns.

I initially began seeing these beautiful little chunky notebooks show up on my instagram and of course I jumped on the band wagon and just endlessly stared at all the beauty that they were. I also joined the Facebook group which is always the route you want to take whenever investing in a beautiful TN. The reason I say this is because many of these pieces are pricey and you want to make sure you love and cherish these little notebooks. The FB groups give tons of inspiration and help you to choose the correct one and not create orphans! The Speckled Fawn that I went with is the Nubuck Huggable leather! I can not even express to you how huggable this leather is. It’s like a wonderful little pillow that’s soft and squishy but yet will hold alot of your love on it. It’s not like any other leather that I have ever felt. It’s something you could easily bring with you to bed and write it and if you fall asleep it’s cuddly enough that you will feel as though you are holding a luxurious little piece of heaven. The stitching on this notebook is very precise and beautiful. The notebooks can also come in all different leathers and the spine can be doubled in size, so if you are someone who loves carry around about 10 or so notebooks you can comfortably do this!

Terri is the owner and she is really great to work with. I had a little hiccup with my shipping but she fixed the issue and I had my TN very quickly!! I can’t even express how happy I am with this little notebook. I have just been carrying it around and touching it and smelling it all day long! Love this little guy. It’s perfect to bring with you in your purse and carry around to jot down thoughts and ideas!

The second purchase that I made was with


I first found the company back last February and I just had to place an order! I since then have been following Rowena (the owner) and has constantly been amazed and inspired. She is a wonderful human being with a huge heart. She does mission work and shares her work on instagram and has been doing periscopes to share little helpful tips on how to add color to your TNs. Once again the importance of following people on social media behind these notebooks. It helps you to have an appreciation and to better understand where the notebooks origin is from. I personally love that the notebook comes with a story and then develops and longer tale in your hands! What makes the Sojourner so unique is that it comes in a B6 slim size! Something I had never seen anywhere else on the market!

I love the B6 size and to have it in a slim means it makes it the perfect size to take with you. Again the added width allows for more journaling space but not so bulky that it becomes difficult to carry it around with you! I LOVE this size so much and I always come back to this little TN. It’s perfect for quick sketching and jotting down ideas. You will be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to love on this TN and to begin filling the pages. If you were concerned that you would not be able to find inserts have no fear because Rowena sells some pretty beautiful inserts with Tomoe River paper. This paper is amazing for wet media and fountain pens. That is my favorite medium to use in TNs and it’s just the perfect little combo!

The next purchase and certainly not the last is from


. A company I had seen floating around on Instagram with some delicious looking Tns. What made their TNs stand out to me is that they come in some beautiful colors almost like a candy shop! If you get bored with the browns and the blacks this might just be your cup of tea! I felt like I was dropped into a land of Willy Wonka and the Travelers Notebook Company. Just could not get over all the candy colored leather! I opted to get two because they did come from Hong Kong. I just adore these! The leather is beautiful, lightweight and just makes me smile. With the beautiful peachy pink color I just wanted bright and happy. The smell is just divine and I just Love love the color!! The blue wax jean one is something that not only do I love the color but the wax will begin to fade and the leather will take on that worn jeans look!! I am so excited to watch this take place. I really love when TN’s tell their own story. I already have a few more from this shop that I have on my wish list so I have to say I am beyond happy. The company also includes a charm and so many other wonderful little goodies. My tip for you is to opt for the expedited shipping and it takes about a week from the time you place your order and for it to show up on your door step!

Do You have any TNs’ you feel like I NEED to have in my collection? If so PLEASE include it in the comments!!

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