Amazon discounts a large number of SSDs and storage devices on Prime Membership Day

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Most people want to buy big items on Amazon Prime Day—think laptops, fancy headphones and the like. But shopping activities also bring a lot of technology sales that you might not think of often, such as portable drives used to store family photos and SD cards for cameras or smartphones. If you can, these are the gadgets you want to sell because they can be expensive under normal circumstances-plus, if you wait until a new one is urgently needed, you may be in a dilemma of paying the full price. This year's Prime Day brings There are many discounts on SSDs, portable drives, microSD cards and other storage devices, some of which represent the lowest prices. Here are the best storage offers we found for Prime Day.

Samsung 980 Pro internal SSD (500GB) - $100

Samsung's 980 Pro internal SSD in 500GB is down to $100 — $50 off its regular price. If you've been looking for extra storage for your laptop or desktop, this is a fantastic deal as the 980 Pro is one of the best consumer SSDs available right now with read speeds up to 7,000MB/s. Those who want a larger capacity can get the 2TB version for $330 right now, too.

Buy Samsung 980 Pro (500GB) at Amazon - $100 Buy Samsung 980 Pro (2TB) at Amazon - $330

Samsung EVO Select microSDXC card (256GB) - $26

This 256GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC card is $2 cheaper than it was during last Prime Day, bringing it down to only $26. That's just about half off its normal price, making this a great deal for anyone that needs a fast, reliable microSD card (plus adapter) for their smartphone, camera or Nintendo Switch.

Buy Samsung EVO microSD card (256GB) - $26

Samsung T7 portable SSD (500GB) - $70


The Samsung T7 portable drive in 500GB has dropped to $70, or $30 off its normal price. It has the familiar design that the T5 drives have but it supports read speeds up to 1,050 MB/s and write speeds up to 1,000 MB/s. We also like that it comes with USB-C to C and USB-C to A cables, so you can use it with basically any laptop, smartphone or other machine you may have.

Buy Samsung T7 SSD (500GB) at Amazon - $70

Samsung T5 portable SSD (2TB) - $190


Samsung's popular T5 portable SSD in 2TB hit a new low of $190 for Prime Day, which is $80 off its normal price and $10 cheaper than it's previous low. The 1TB version is also on sale for $110. We like this drive's palm-sized, all-metal design, optional password protection and AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

Buy Samsung T5 SSD (2TB) at Amazon - $190 Buy Samsung T5 SSD (1TB) at Amazon - $110

Crucial X6 portable SSD (1TB) - $76


Crucial's X6 portable SSD is 53 percent off for Prime Day, bringing it down to $76. That's a great deal for anyone looking to step up from their thumb drive to a speedier, more reliable drive without spending a ton of money. We like its simple yet durable design and its read speeds up to 540 MB/s.

Buy Crucial X6 (1TB) at Amazon - $76

Crucial MX500 internal SSD (2TB) - $171

Crucial's MX500 internal SSD in 2TB has returned to an all-time low of $171, so you're getting nearly $60 off its normal price. This drive has a standard design, making it good for laptops and desktops alike, and it has sequential read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 510 MB/s plus AES-256 bit hardware encryption.

Buy Crucial MX500 SSD (2TB) at Amazon - $171

Samsung EVO Plus SDXC card (256GB) - $25


Those who need a full-sized SD card need look no further than this 256GB Samsung EVO Plus card that's on sale for $25. It supports 4K video as well as 100MB/s transfer speeds while also being water-, shock-, drop- and temperature-proof.

Buy EVO Plus SD card (256GB) at Amazon - $25

SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card (1TB) - $183


The SanDisk Extreme microSD card in 1TB is 32 percent off for Prime Day, bringing it down to $183. It supports 4K video recording, read speeds up to 160MB/s and write speeds up to 90MB/s. And since it's part of the Extreme line, it's temperature-, water- and shockproof as well.

Buy Extreme microSD card (1TB) at Amazon - $183

WD Black SN850 internal SSD (500GB) - $90

Western Digital

The 500GB WD Black SN850 internal SSD is a $60 off for Prime Day, bringing it down to $90. This is the best price we've seen by far for this drive that supports PCIe Gen 4 technology and read speeds up to 7,000 MB/s and write speeds up to 5,300 MB/s. You could also grab the 1TB model for $172 if you need a higher capacity.

Buy WD Black SN850 SSD (500GB) at Amazon - $90 Buy WD Black SN850 SSD (1TB) at Amazon - $90

SanDisk Extreme Pro portable SSD (1TB) - $162

SanDisk / Weinberg-Clark Photography

The 1TB SanDisk Extreme Pro portable SSD is 48 percent off right now, bringing it down to $162. In addition to being IP55 water- and dust-resistant, this pocket-sized SSD has two—meter drop protection and 256‐bit AES hardware encryption. It also supports 2,000MB/s read and write speeds. If you need even more storage, the 2TB SanDisk Extreme, which has a similar design to the Pro, is on sale for $228.

Buy Extreme Pro SSD (1TB) at Amazon - $162 Buy Extreme SSD (2TB) at Amazon - $228

Samsung 870 QVO SSD (4TB) - $323


The Samsung 870 QVO SSD in 4TB has dropped to $323, or 21 percent off its normal price. This massive capacity drive has a standard 2.5-inch SATA design, making it an easy upgrade for many machines, and it supports 560MB/s sequential read speeds and 530MB/s sequential write speeds.

Buy Samsung 870 QVO SSD (4TB) at Amazon - $323

Crucial X8 portable SSD (1TB) - $95


The Crucial X8 portable SSD in 1TB is down to only $95, which is roughly 34 percent off its normal price. We like its sleek, anodized aluminum body that's both attractive and strong, and its 1,050 MB/s read speeds. It works with almost any device with a USB-C 3. 1 Gen 2 or USB-A connector, making it good for laptops, desktops, tablets and even some smartphones.

Buy Crucial X8 SSD (1TB) at Amazon - $95


LaCie Rugged Mini portable hard drive (1TB) - $50

The LaCie Rugged Mini portable hard drive in 1TB returns to an all-time low of $50 for Prime Day. Its recognizable orange bumper protects it from shock, dust, drops and water, and its Toolkit software lets you schedule automatic backups and offers folder syncing across many devices.

Buy LaCie Rugged Mini HDD (1TB) at Amazon - $50

Crucial P5 internal SSD (1TB) - $92

Crucial's P5 internal SSD in 1TB is on sale for $92 right now, or about $83 off its regular price. It supports 3,400MB/s read speeds and 3,000MB/s write speeds and has features like dynamic write protection, error correction and adaptive thermal protection.

Buy Crucial P5 SSD (1TB) at Amazon - $92

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