Atari VCS is now available for purchase

fpfcorp 07/08/2021 1381
Three years after the initial announcement, you can finally buy Atari VCS. Starting today, it is available through the Atari website, Best Buy and Micro Center. On Atari's website, there are two versions of the console available. You can purchase the Oynx basic system for $300 or the Black Walnut package for $400. The latter has a joystick and Xbox-like gamepad. The retail price of the two wireless peripherals is $60 each.

In addition to coming bundled with the Atari Vault, a collection of 100 free retro games, the console can double as a PC. It can run most modern desktop operating systems, including Windows, Linux and ChromeOS, and comes with Google’s Chrome browser built-in. If the bundled games aren’t your thing, the Atari VCS also has access to an expanded and optimized version of Antstream's Arcade game subscription service that includes thousands of retro titles from a variety of vintage platforms.

In the midst of frustrations such as the announcement of the console architect's withdrawal, Atari VCS seems destined to become a fogger. The question now becomes whether there is an audience for the $400 game console, which is mainly a nostalgic drama. Projects like Eurasia proved difficult to break into areas dominated by giants such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

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