Spotify makes it easier for you to browse your music library anytime, anywhere

fpfcorp 06/08/2021 1527

Spotify's huge music and podcast library is its biggest advantage-but if you are in a hurry, it may also be its biggest disadvantage. For years, the "Your Library" section of the company's mobile app has been unable to handle our growing music collection. Today, Spotify has finally modernized this experience with a completely redesigned "Your Library" section, which will begin rolling out to Android and iOS users next week.

It all starts with a simple search box, which can instantly sift through your library of songs, albums and podcasts. Previously, you had to click several times to access search boxes within each of those subsections, while podcasts were awkwardly walled off in a separate column. The redesign also lets you quickly add dynamic filters, giving you an easy way to narrow down your search string to include any combination of album, artistic, playlist and podcasts. And once we're out and about again, I'd imagine many users will appreciate the Downloaded filter, which brings up all of your downloaded content.

Beyond the vastly improved search functionality, you'll also be able to pin up to four playlists, albums or podcast shows for easy access. A new grid view also gives you a more visual way of exploring your collection. And finally, there are new sorting options: You can choose from having content displayed alphabetically, by creator name or by whatever you've recently played.

These are welcome, if long overdue, Spotify's improvements. They also made a series of other user experience upgrades: last month we had a new home screen, can easily resume podcasts, and made some small improvements to their web and desktop players. But personally, I just want to see how it can handle higher-quality music through the new HiFi service.

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