TikTok can be used with Streamlabs’ tipping and live streaming tools

fpfcorp 05/08/2021 1438

Streamlabs provides some of the most useful and popular live streaming software, and can run on some of the largest platforms-including Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Now, due to a new partnership between the two companies, it will be available on TikTok. Streamlabs confirmed today that it is using the TikTok login kit that was just released, which means that TikTok users can use the Streamlabs OBS application to go online on desktop and mobile devices. This will give broadcasters access to familiar tools such as rewards, donation data and analysis, and screen alerts.

Besides the Streamlabs OBS software for Mac and Windows, people can also use the Streamlabs mobile to go live and get the same functionality. The Streamlabs widgets that are available will also work with TikTok and streamers will be able to build a custom merch store and sell gear directly on TikTok using this new integration, as well.

Although TikTok is mainly known for short video content, it now also allows users to "live" for a while. Avid streamers who have already used Streamlabs to broadcast live on other platforms may be interested in trying it out, and those who have not used it before may like to be able to use more advanced and flexible settings on their computers to broadcast live to TikTok instead of on them Phone.

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