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Sooo, I read this book in 2003, when I was 17 years old in high school. When I finished reading this book, I knew that my life had been affected forever. The idea of epic love grew in my heart, and it changed the way I look at relationships in the modern world. I grew up and stopped dating my high school lover Leicester. In 2008, tragedy struck his life and he left a distant country separated from his family and relatives. I think I have avoided even watching movies ever since. Tell myself that Epic Love is only written in Nicholas Sparks' book and feel angry at the man who entered my life. Well, I have been thinking about the sad boy and his life for many years. I have always longed for love as pure and sincere as Lesters, but I have never found it. We are now 34 years old. On June 14, 2020, Leicester rushed back to my life. More like, if you ask him, I rushed in like a hurricane and brought back old memories that were safer and easier. Our story begins with a letter from him when we were 14 years old. Ask me if I want to speak on our parents’ home phone. I am an overprotected child. If my mother finds out that I am talking to a boy, she will make sure that I cut off all contact with him. So we kept our (young love) secret. We went to different high schools, so he sometimes asked his mother to send him to my high school so that he could say hello and see me for 5 minutes. One day, Lester showed up with his mother, wanting to talk to my mother, of course allowing us to date, and there is always a company by our side. My mother was very upset, but his boldness won her support. As long as we were supervised, she agreed. A few years have passed, we are 17 years old, and I want to experience different things. So we ended everything and parted ways. 19 years later, we are in a relationship. Once we reconnect, we know that God created us for each other. Our story is definitely not The Notebook, but it reminds us that Epic Love does exist and it can stand the test of time and environment. We will also write our love story and how God rushed in to save us both from our empty and lonely lives. Now, we believe that God will perform miracles. At the same time, we are waiting for the environment to change and for God's mercy for his life. I sent him the "Notebook". The story of Noah and allies brings us eternal love. Through the words of Nicholas Sparks, we can understand faith and destiny. Believe in the power of love, how two people who are so lost can meet again. I know that Leicester will go home sooner than we expected. When I was growing up, this book meant everything to me. It gave me hope. I hope you like your love story. If it hasn't happened yet, don't worry, your epic love story will come and you will be glad you never settled down.

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