The difference between laptop and laptop

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July 3, 2011 • 9:57 pm

Ok Everyone listen up…

If you are not an engineer, please do not use special military or special operations computer equipment that requires a laptop (larger and heavier than a laptop, and now basically reserved for special purposes), then you are worried about laptops and laptops. A PC is one thing.

A “notebook” computer is nothing more than a super slim, lightweight laptop.

Any computer designed for use on your laptop is a "laptop" computer. Over time, notebook computers have become smaller and lighter, and are called "notebooks". A notebook is nothing but a notebook computer. That's it. There is nothing else. When many of us use laptops, most of the geeks working in computer shops are not even born yet! 🙂

1. Today, laptops that are available for consumers to buy are called “notebooks”.

2. Notebooks (in general) are horrible for serious gaming (they have puny graphic cards and slower processors) and are substandard for professional photo processing where color has to be very accurate (because although you can calibrate the screen, the contrast is almost always in question because you can vary the viewing angle so much just by moving the screen. You can move the screen on an iMac too, however the viewing angle must be radical before it affects your interpretation of color.

3. Notebooks will overheat before other computers because everything is stuffed into a small space and heat is trapped inside despite fans, etc. Please realize that ANY computer can over heat if enough load is placed on it (the computer will usually just cut off on its own if it gets too hot).*Put a small fan next to your computer blowing under it, and it will increase the performance of your notebook.

4. Price difference between a laptop and a notebook? That’s like asking the price difference between a car, and a car. All notebooks ARE laptops… but not all laptops are notebooks.

Think of it this way: All sports cars are cars! … but not all cars are sports cars. 🙂

All boys are males… but all males are not boys.All girls are female… but all females are not girls.

See what I mean? All notebook computers ARE laptops. But NOT all laptops are light weight, slender, consumer style notebook computers which usually cost anywhere from $800 to $3,500

Some special use laptops cost over $20,000 and are not especially lightweight, nor built for the average person to use.

I hope that helps 🙂


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