How to share, sync and protect notebooks in OneNote 2016

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Navigate to the row of section tabs.

Right-click on the section you wish to secure.


Password Protect This Section

from the down-drown list.

Navigate to the Password Protection pane that appears on the on the right side of the OneNote Window.


Set Password

under the Current Section listing.

Enter the password in the "Password Protection" dialog box.

Re-enter the password to confirm.




Keep in mind that the password will not be applied to the section immediately. By default, it will activate after five minutes of inactivity. Your tabs will still be visible but the contents of the page are hidden behind the message "This section is password protected". You will have to click on the page space to display the Protected Section dialog box where you will have to enter the password to gain access.You can manually bypass the lock-out timer and lock all protected sections by selecting Lock All in the Password Protection pane, or by pressing CTRL + ALT + L.

How to remove a password from a protected section

Right-click on the tab of the protected section.


Password Protect this Section

from the drop-down list.


Remove Password

from the Password Protection pane.

Enter the current password in the Remove Password dialog box.



to complete the password removal.

How to change the password for a protected section

Right-click on the section tab that you want to change the password for.


Password Protect this Section



Change password

in the Password Protection pane.

Enter your current password into the Old Password field of the Change Password dialog box.

Enter the new password in the Enter New Password field.

Enter the new password again into the Confirm Password box to verify.




How to access Password options

Click on the


tab in the navigation ribbon.



in the left pane.



in the menu of the OneNote Options dialog box.

Scroll down to the


section in the list on the right side of the dialog box.

In this section, you can alter the protection delay from the default 5 minutes. Eleven periods are available with 1 minute being the shortest amount of time and 1 day is the longest. You can also uncheck the box for the time-day option to remove the timer altogether.You can also choose to automatically lock your password protected sections immediately after navigating away from them. Even if you click on another section tab, the protected section will be promptly secured.

If you rely on OneNote search options to filter through your content,

password protection will prevent locked sections from being included in your search results

. The same can be said for note tags as they will not be included in note tag summaries.

Be sure that you use a password that you can remember. If you forget your password, you will not have access to any recovery options, nor will Microsoft Tech Support be able to unlock them for you.

Wrapping Up

Being able to share content, and ensure the details are synced, from OneNote 2016 is incredibly efficient. This promotes easy-to-access updates and collaboration. How often do you share your notes from OneNote 2016? Let us know in the comments.

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