AM-Notebook Lite 6.5.4

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Tool for creating notes, spreadsheets, flowcharts, to-do lists, and other documents with the help of an encompassing layout built for professionals

AM-Notebook Lite is an information manager that can save notes, spreadsheets, flowcharts, to-do lists, and many other documents.

Complex and encompassing GUI

The graphical user interface of AM-Notebook Lite takes a lot of cues from

Microsoft Outlook

in its layout. Although significantly simpler and with less theme colors, most of Outlook's buttons are in the same place here as well, and perform the same functions.

You will be able to create new notes, spreadsheets, and new tabs to better optimize your workflow. Also, in the lower left-hand panel, you'll find calendar entries and contacts in a very similar fashion with Microsoft Outlook.

Office-oriented features

AM-Notebook Lite is your typical office organizer. It will help you create calendar entries, notes, and spreadsheets. All these can be later viewed and inspected in different tabs in order to multi-task your way towards finishing your project faster and more efficiently.

To increase your flexibility, the application also allows great font and paragraph customization in all document formats you're working on, be they spreadsheets or notes. Many of


’s features are present besides the almost identical GUI layout. The similarities don't end when it comes to alarms. You can add them straight in your calendar depending on your meeting schedule.

Comprehensive configuration settings

You can tweak a lot of elements in the Preferences area. There you can work on your to-do list, calendar entries, notes, and other internal features. The settings area is easy and compact enough to synthesize every option that might be of interest to you, while not trying to be overwhelming by offering abilities you'll never need or understand.


AM-Notebook Lite is a great standalone application that manages to copy Windows Outlook layout with success, without keeping you tied to a larger service package like Microsoft does. It offers great accessibility while keeping the general interface familiar and useful.

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AM-Notebook Lite

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The following features are not available:

Organize notes in folders

Different note locations / Network support

Reopen last tabs

Save (Reopen) tabs as group

Send by mail

Bookmarks within notes

Apply a predefined style

Clips / Templates

Encrypt notes

Paste clipboard as new note

Sort selection ascending/descending

Global Search

References between notes

Export notes to RTF / HTML

Always open notes in new tabs

Lock Tabs

Quickly search and open tabs with Ctrl+F5

Smart reminder

Remind at event start

Remind before event start

Yearly Tasks

New in AM-Notebook Lite 6.5.3:

Encrypted notes could not be decrypted under rare circumstances

Minor tweaks

Read the full changelog

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