Is the ASUS notebook easy to use?

fpfcorp 26/10/2021 1323

Yes, I own an ASUS X83v. As for the technical support, I did not find them worse than Microsoft. At least in my experience, their technical support has one main benefit: their representatives have received enough Training to speak correctly and understandable American English instead of Indian/Pakistani English (no racist intent, but for us Americans, it’s just a very annoying trouble, we have to work hard to do it in our own language Communication!) I hate that Dell has at least one very major flaw: their internal design is messed up, and they use the dumbest and most civilian methods to deal with internal airflow, such as the dedicated air duct of the CPU, which can cause interference. The clothes machine is clogged in today's dirty atmosphere. If you are a ura smoker or live in Beijing, you need to clean it very regularly. In addition, the color and quality of their LCD panels and their Wal-Mart-style pricing also reflect their overall component and manufacturing quality. You see, all these companies have signed contracts with other companies that are usually in China to produce these components for them, and then they just assemble them and sell us some parts of their own brands most likely. So it is important that ASUS laptops have very sturdy, high-quality components. The internal design is also very practical. Look, I am a smoker. I often smoke around my laptop. In just 9 months I opened the bottom panel for internal cleaning. I don’t even have to worry about taking out anything because I can see the smoke from the fans. The problem is not bad, I assume this is due to their airflow channels/filters, because in 9 months, I have seen more dust on many computers! Since I bought it back in early 2009, their respect for the customer dpt has increased based on my personal experience. When I talked to them for the first time, I gave them a score of 2/5. I didn’t talk to them until the 1st anniversary. At that time, I thought that windows vista was just a window, and things were mysteriously failed by the .net framework 3.5 I messed up the settings, I have to do a complete restore, and I need to ask them some clarifications before I eject the DVD. Their software is also very reliable. Unlike manufacturers like hp, they are notorious for errors in various product lines and problematic drivers/software including laptops and printers. Their recovery disk is essentially a bootable Windows Vista, which allows a clean installation with your own custom partition set before setting it up, and unlike other recovery disks, these recovery disks allow you to use very limited content, some Just restore to the original factory settings or force you to use your own licensed product to install the old operating system! Their performance and price are also quite good, not too cheap nor expensive. So far, I have no problems with performance, except for common laptop shortcomings, such as high temperature. Of course, the number of game frames is also different-a desktop computer with specifications. . But for nvidia 9600m GS’s 4 GB RAM and 1 GB dedicated ddr3, it’s still not a bad combination, because I paid $1100 (tax included) at Best Buy and invested in their 18-month interest-free financing, and you got one Customers who have seen some amazing Asus CD burners a long time ago, sadly no longer exist. After all, Asus is not good at making everything, but in the good times of the 90s and early 2000s, they used to have very reliable CD burners

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