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The best part of going back to school is the

back-to-school shopping

. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start with new backpacks, clothes, and most importantly, school supplies, like those handy spiral notebooks.


best notebooks

are essential when it comes to schooling and studying. You can use them in almost every class, across all subjects. Since your supplies need to last for the full school year, through hours of note taking and getting tossed in and out of backpacks, you want to find spiral notebooks that are practical and sturdy. You probably want them to have lined pages to keep things nice and neat, as well as a durable cover and spirals. It’s definitely possible to find all of those things when looking to buy an affordable spiral notebook.

Get a head start on back-to-school shopping by ordering one of the best spiral notebooks on this list. They’re all functional, look good and are built to stay intact all year long.

1. Five Star 1 Subject College Ruled Spiral Notebook

Because nothing says “Back To School Season” quite like a fresh Fife Star spiral notebooks. Five Star probably has the most name recognition in the world of school supplies, and you can see why in the quality of their spiral notebooks. They’re guaranteed to last all year with durable, water-resistant covers. Each one contains 100 college-ruled sheets that won’t let your ink bleed, and have two pocket page dividers to hold loose pages.


Courtesy of Target


Five Star 1 Subject College Ruled Spiral Notebook


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2. Staples Accel 5-Subject Notebook

This 5-subject spiral notebook has everything you could possibly need. Five separate sections to organize notes for different classes or projects, 200 perforated pages for easy removal, college ruled for efficient use of space and several color options. The wire-bound design even makes it extra easy to flip through. Better yet, Staples is one of the best places to buy office supplies online, with a lot of Amazon Prime-like features such as fast shipping and easy returns.

Courtesy of Staples


Staples Accel 5-Subject Notebook


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3. Mead Spiral Notebook

If you prefer a completely separate notebook for every subject, this 8-pack of one-subject spiral notebooks is a great option. They’re all college-lined with spiral locks to prevent snags, and they’re three-hole punched in case you want to keep them inside a binder. The varied pastel colors also add a cute pop of color to your collection of school supplies.

Courtesy of Amazon


Mead Spiral Notebook


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4. Maruman MNEMOSYNE Notebook

This spiral notebook has almost exclusively 5-star reviews. It has 80 micro-perforated pages with college ruled lines, with a double wire binding system to keep it all secure. The sheets offer minimal bleed-through and blank headers with space for dates and titles. It’s a highly functional notebook with a chic design.

Courtesy of Amazon


Maruman MNEMOSYNE Notebook


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5. TRU RED Premium 3-Subject Notebook

If you’re looking for a 3-subject spiral notebook, this one from Tru Red is a great option. It has a sturdy brown kraft board cover that’s simplistic yet stylish, 150 college-ruled, perforated pages and is fully three-hole-punched. Each subject divider has a pocket for loose sheets, and it’s wire bound for extra durability.

Courtesy of Staples


TRU RED Premium 3-Subject Notebook


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6. Spiral College dominates a subject notebook

This is another great option for a one subject spiral notebook. There’s an interior paper pocket, college-ruled, three-hole punched perforated pages and a flexible plastic cover in a variety of bold color options. It also happens to be on sale for an even more affordable price.

Courtesy of Target


Spiral College Ruled 1 Subject Notebook


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7. Zealor 6 Pieces Soft Cover Notebook

This pack of 6 spiral notebooks is a great deal given the quality. They’re wide-lined, perfect for keeping a journal or diary or used to take notes in class for younger students. The various colored covers are soft and durable, and the thick paper prevents ink from bleeding through the pages.

Courtesy of Amazon


Zealor 6 Pieces Soft Cover Notebook


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8. ban.do Yellow Floral Large Spiral Notebook

If you want to splurge on something a little more fun, this large ban.do spiral notebook comes in several floral hardcover options. It has 160 large pages bound by metal wire, a pocket page and a centerfold for some separation to stay organized.

Courtesy of Amazon


ban.do Yellow Floral Large Spiral Notebook


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Guide to back to school shopping after the pandemic

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