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The market is filled with different types and models of portable computers and a person may not be aware that laptops are divided into two main types depending on many factors that we will list in this article.

The two types are divided into laptops and


, but what are the main differences between them?

Before beginning to list the main differences between those two products, we must point that the technological world is advancing tremendously on daily basis. Therefore, choosing a portable device is no longer an easy choice because there are many different choices and options!

Some believe that the only difference between laptops and notebooks are the size and that a notebook is a smaller version of a laptop and laptops are a bigger version of notebooks! But that is not entirely correct; the differences include other factors like system hardware, usage type, prices, etc...

We must point that this article will be about the differences between laptops and notebooks and it will not mention other devices like Netbook and Ultrabook.

The Main Differences between Laptops and Notebooks

When it comes to the purpose, all portable devices have the same function. There are some devices that are specifically designed to suit a certain line of work; like some devices are suitable for business, while other devices are more suitable for architecture, graphic design, and movie production, etc…

Therefore, you have to make sure you buy what you need and what is within your budget after knowing the differences between them.


The main difference between laptops and notebooks is the size. There are some studies that were done on the sizes which ended up in limiting the laptop and notebook between two sizes but that is not entirely true.

It is impossible to find a 10-inches laptop just like you will not find a 19-inch notebook! But it is possible to find a 15.6-inch laptop and a notebook with the same size. Therefore, we cannot draw a clear line between their sizes.

Notebooks are generally smaller than laptops but since they might come in the same size, make sure you check the box before purchasing to know whether you are buying a laptop or notebook.

Generally, a laptop’s size will be between 14 to 19 inches. 14-inch laptops are considered small laptops while an 18 or 19 inch laptop is considered bigger. There are some models with more than 20 inches.

A notebook’s size will never reach this number and it is important to mention that larger laptops are usually used by architects, graphic designers, and movie producers. There are additional features that they have to check like the processor type, RAM, etc…

Laptops are heavier than notebooks with an average weight of 2 to 3 kilograms. A gaming laptop might reach a weight of 4.5 kilograms. Notebooks are usually lighter than laptops.

A notebook’s screen size might range between 7 to 10 inches and weigh between 1 to 1.5 kilograms. It is also slimmer than a laptop since it has less hardware inside it.

We advise you when purchasing a portable device to know how you might use it. For example, if you have an office job and suffer from back and neck pain because of the long working hours it will be better if you purchase a notebook.

Input Options

Keyboards, microphones, and other devices are considered input devices. Generally portable devices have several input devices.

Both devices, laptops and notebooks, have the main input devices like the keyboard,


(the preinstalled Trackpad) and


ports. Laptops, however, have more input options than notebooks.

Speaking of keyboards, they are usually – according to the device’s size – smaller in notebooks.

We advise you to check the keyboard especially if you have long working hours since a bigger keyboard will be more suitable and will not strain your fingers.

Notebooks usually do not have a CD-Drive or DVD-Drive especially the smaller ones while laptops usually have them. Check this feature because it is an important one. Say you buy a


or scanner and you want to install it on your device so it can be recognizable. Usually these devices have a CD for installation therefore it will be difficult on you to install it if you do not have a CD-Drive. Companies manufacturing such devices noted this issue and so they started to provide another recognition device – USB – so that the user will not suffer from such problem.

Both laptops and notebooks have USB ports. The number, however, differs! Laptops usually have more USB ports than notebooks.

We must also point here that the internal pieces of computers are stronger and more efficient than of the notebook! Even though there are hard drives in both, the capacity of the hard drive in laptops are usually bigger. For example, it is normal to find a hard drive with more than 250 gigabytes in laptops just like it is normal to find a 32 gigabyte notebook! Therefore, a person who purchases a notebook will have to by an

external hard disk

Same as well.

Also, the laptop’s processor is usually stronger than a notebook’s making it consume more electric power because of its size. This factor makes a notebook’s battery last longer!

Because a notebook has a small size, the manufacturer has no other option than to install smaller batteries. This fact, in addition to having a processor that does not consume a lot of power, makes the notebook last for a period between 2 to 6 hours. A laptop on the other hand will not last for more than 4 hours before needing a recharge.


The prices of portable computers vary a lot in the market as it depends on many factors such as the processor, graphic cards, hard drives, etc…

Therefore you might find


cheaper than


and so it is difficult to put a certain price range on them.

Generally, laptops have higher specifications and features as their hard drive is better, it has more internal pieces, and bigger screens. Notebooks were designed to serve the main simple tasks; therefore, they do not have graphic cards, CD-Drive, and a smaller screen! According to these facts, it is safe to assume that laptops are more expensive than notebooks.

Finally, we like to remind you that you can find laptops and notebooks on our website by simply visiting the

computers & network section

. Also, always remember to get what you need and what is within your budget.

Be smart before making a purchase!

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